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Level up for the Simulation Models in Medicine Innovative Cluster

The Innovative cluster “Simulation models in medicine” (SMM Cluster) is a network of interconnected and complementary companies and organizations to support technology transfer in the field of simulation and in-silico models in medicine.

The SMM Cluster wanted to improve its recognition by local and international partners by obtaining a quality accreditation. The Bronze, Silver, Gold label is an international quality and benchmarking accreditation that recognizes cluster excellence by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA).

The cluster approached EEN in the Cluster “Mechatronics and Automation” (CMA) for advice on how to improve its long-term development strategy and performance, including resilience, sustainability and internationalization – all parameters to be assessed by ESCA for the award of the excellence label.

The CMA EEN expert conducted a series of individual workshops with the client. As a result, a number of improvement actions were agreed and the cluster was prepared to apply to ESCA for labelling. In addition, EEN accompanied the client through the application and assessment process by ESCA.

As a result, the SMM Cluster was awarded the Bronze ESCA Label, which significantly opened the door for the cluster to better position itself in the EU Single Market and enable cross-border partnerships. It established and is still maintaining contacts with an Austrian Cluster in a similar domain, looking for future joint actions and research projects.