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Practical Guide to Sustainable Research Data

Science Europe launched a new guide for scientific organizations realizing projects and infrastructures related to data to help them guarantee that their research can be easily shared and re-used.

The guide aims to support the organizations in the assessment of their policies and practices about data, as well as in the development of new rules and in their alignment with the ones of other organizations, with the purpose of easier data sharing and a more open science.

“Open Science builds on the fundamental features of research and innovation: transparency, openness, verification and reproducibility. It is one of the main elements in Science Europe’s strategy for 2021–2026, and together with its peers from the Science Europe membership, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and the German Research Foundation (DFG) support the aim to deeply embed it within the practice of research. To achieve such change, appropriate policies and practices must be in place throughout the research and innovation system.” say Prof. Melanie Welham and Prof. Roland Fisher, members of the Science Europe Governing Board in their foreword to the guide.

The guide can be accessed here: https://scienceeurope.org/our-resources/practical-guide-to-sustainable-research-data/.

More about Science Europe and the sustainable research data: https://scienceeurope.org/our-priorities/research-data/sustainable-research-data/.