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The New European Intellectual Property Support Office Newsletter on Open science Has Been Published

The newsletter compiles the views of various experts on open science as well as intellectual property considerations.

The Open Science approach, a long-standing priority of the European Commission, focuses on the rapid and transparent sharing of scientific knowledge and data. It ensures that the results of research and innovation efforts are accessible to all members of society, including researchers, innovators and others. In this way, everyone can use these results according to their specific needs.

Open science stimulates the next generation of research, facilitates the creation of innovative solutions and enables responses to the complex challenges of our time. In particular, open science can increase the quality, impact and benefits of research. On the basis of providing free access to scientific publications, applying the principles of discoverability, accessibility, compatibility and reusability of information, and actively involving the public, alongside the effective dissemination and use of knowledge, open science is indeed changing the rules of the game. Furthermore, it has the potential to accelerate the progress of knowledge, making it more reliable, effective and trustworthy, as well as more easily understood by society and responsive to the challenges it faces.

The recently published new bulletin of the European Intellectual Property Support Office brings together the views and insights of various experts on these topics, including on open science methodology, while highlighting intellectual property considerations and implications.

You can discover the contents of the newsletter here.