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BalBok Еngineering – Treatment of hazardous waste in Bulgaria and on the Balkans

BalBok Engineering works in the field of environment protection and ecological safety and provides a green services portfolio to municipalities for gathering, processing and full destruction of household hazardous waste. The company has certified mobile stations for waste collection, servicing the whole country on the base of citizens’ requests via free phone line or during organized campaigns. In 2014 BalBok was awarded ‘Green innovation’ in the ’Innovative Enterprise of the Year’ national contest for its innovative services in hazardous waste collection and treatment.

BalBok had the ambition to extend its services across the Balkans, which required significant investment and approached the EEN team of ARC Consulting. The enabling need was to equip a mobile laboratory for on-site identification and analysis of waste samples of unknown origin, as well as to tech-upgrade a central laboratory.

ARC Consulting benefited BalBok with advisory services in the process of project proposal development – applying for co-finding under the “Green Industry Innovation” programme of the Norway Financial Mechanism 2009-2014. Based on the realized analysis of corporate innovation processes, an innovation strategy was developed and the company introduced indicators for monitoring of its innovative performance. Further on advice on budgeting and project financial management was delivered. The project proposal was among the winners in the evaluation process and was granted in 2015 over EUR 370 000.

The investment was thus enabled and the two laboratories were set-up, equipped and made fully operational. As result the company launched its new services. The mobile laboratory use led to cost reduction and hence optimized price and financial performance. This spelled out in opening new jobs, corporate growth and international recognition – BalBok Engineering was the first and only Bulgarian finalist for the annual EEN awards, in 2016.


Dr. Lilia Jeliazkova, CEO of BalBok Engineering:

“BalBok Engineering has been distinguished as innovative enterprise in the green innovation field in the National Contest “Innovative Enterprise of the year” 2014. This leveraged the self-confidence of the entire team and the company’s market positioning in the country and abroad. We are also thankful to ARC Consulting for the services provided in the field of assessment, analysis and public policy in the green innovation domain. The grant award from the Norway Financial Mechanism 2009 – 2014 for the implementation of our project is the best evidence for their quality.”

More information about the central and the mobile laboratories.