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A successful partnership between Bulgarian and Italian Companies InnoForward, RIC “Ambitious Gabrovo”

In 2022, RIC played a pivotal role in organizing an event where we showcased the extensive range of services offered by our network. During this event, Perfect Ltd expressed a keen interest in our offerings, sparking the beginning of their journey as our clients. Notably, Perfect Ltd boasts a state-of-the-art digital studio, specializing in a broad spectrum of services. 

After several productive meetings, our collective efforts in finding potential partners generated significant interest from companies spanning across Europe. A noteworthy moment arrived when we received a conspicuous expression of interest from Mrs. Onorina Mussini, representing AZIENDA SPECIALE S.E.R.M. – SVILUPPO ECONOMICO DELLA REGIONE MOLISE -DELLA CAMERA DI COMMERCIO DEL MOLISE, Italy, on behalf of Milestn Srl, an innovative Italian digital marketing company. Milestn’s mission revolves around assisting client companies in expanding their market share. The outcome was a collaborative partnership agreement between Perfect Ltd. and Milestn Srl. At present, both companies are seamlessly delivering services to clients in Bulgaria and Italy, solidifying our commitment to providing exceptional value to our customers.