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Navigating the Metaverse: ShopTheLook and ONVERSED Are Redifining Online Fashion with the Help of Enterprise Europe Network

Discover how ShopTheLook, an innovative Italian startup, and ONVERSED, a pioneering Spanish enterprise for digital fashion, united their efforts in order to create a form of innovative online shopping with the Metaverse. 

With the priceless support of Enterprise Europe Network, these two forward-looking companies are revolutionising the fashion industry by constructing compelling, secure and aesthetically appealing 3D boutiques. This success story highlights the strength of cooperation and innovation, and the decisive role of the Network in encouraging partnerships.

Creating Dreams: ShopTheLook and ONVERSED

In the lively world of digital innovations, ShopTheLook and ONVERSED have emerged as shining stars. ShopTheLook, managed by a passionate team, experienced in Metaverse technology, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and the creation of 3D art, aims to change online shopping for good. Simultaneously, ONVERSED, a Spanish digital fashion leader, is striving to democratise access to the Metaverse. In 2022, the two companies’ paths crossed and resulted in a cooperation which will redefine online retail shopping.

Enterprise Europe Network: The Catalyst that United Creative Minds 

When ShopTheLook searched for financial support and strategic partners, our Italian partners from Enterprise Europe Network in Genoa came into action. Guided by them, ShopTheLook researched and identified financing opportunities, including a key event, organized with two of the Network’s expert groups which worked on female entrepreneurship, access to financing and startup/scaleup companies. 

During the pitching event organised by the Network, ShopTheLook amazed the audience with their vision. Among the participants was ONVERSED – a company captivated by ShopTheLook’s innovative approach. Realising the synergy between their goals, the two companies began a bilateral cooperation, which will forever change the face of online shopping.

A Vision Coming to Life: Collaborative Innovation in Action

ShopTheLook and ONVERSED are undertaking a transformative journey. Using the advice and connections of the Network’s experts, the two companies are uniting their experience. ShopTheLook, with its focus on creating 3D boutiques, complements ONVERSED’s mission to automate the process for creating products and improving user experience. Together, they set off toward captivating, secure and visually appealing online fashion spaces.

Encouraging Innovation, Making Dreams Come True

This success story highlights the key role of Enterprise Europe Network in supporting groundbreaking collaborations. Through strategic advice, directions for obtaining financing and partnership opportunities, the Network is giving ShopTheLook and ONVERSED the chance to turn their dreams into reality. This partnership is not only transforming their businesses, but also revolutionising the way in which people experience fashion through the Metaverse.

In the heart of this pioneer journey are the Italian network’s branch (ALPS – WTC GENOA/CCI GENOA) and its Spanish partner (CESEAND Plus – IDEA), which stand as pillars of support, allowing ShopTheLook and ONVERSED to leave their mark on the digital landscape. A testament to the power of collaboration and visionary thinking, this success story illustrates how the Network continues to shape the future of business, facilitating partnership after partnership.

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