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Spesima develops digital twins for modelling of robotized systems for the heavy industry with the financial and expert support of the EU

Spesima is a Bulgarian-German joint venture, founded in 1989, developing and implementing specialized systems for industrial production automation. The enterprise also specializes in mechatronic systems, VPN diagnostics and service, industrial engineering, CAD design and CNC processing. The robots of the company are exported to over 30 countries worldwide. It is one of the founders of the Cluster of Mechatronics and Automation. The company is a laureate of the National Contest “Innovative Enterprise of the Year” with an award in the category “Independent Life Cycle of the Innovation”, 2012, and prize winner of the big award for “Market leadership”, 2018 in the field of reengineering of universal robots from the automobile industry. The company also received the brand “Excellence in Innovation” of the Applied Research and Communications Fund.

The enterprise used to actively work – both individually and as a member of the cluster, with the team of ARC Consulting, coordinator of EEN for Bulgaria, during the years. The consultancy on the part of the network includes a number of topics, among which innovation, resilience and access to finance.

As a consequence of the sudden and heavy economic crisis in 2020, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Spesima also used the time of market stagnation to reorganize its business operation towards stronger resilience, optimized internal resources and expertise and concentrate entirely on its innovative activity – intensive research and development for additional diversification of its goods and services. In this period the company started developing digital twins in a cloud-based platform for modelling of robotized systems for the heavy industry.

During the whole 2020 ARC Consulting carried out a wide information campaign for its clients for the European projects and long term initiatives of the digital innovation hubs oriented to support the innovative processes in SMEs along with transnational and international technology transfer.

Together with this, the pan-European BOWI initiative, supported by the EC via the Horizon 2020, was hosted and supported by a number of digital innovation hubs from different EU regions. The long-term purpose of BOWI is to assist investors to discover digital revolution leaders in the fields of Industry 4.0, mechatronics, robotics, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence.

In mid-2020 BOWI opened a call for proposals for perspective experimental innovations, to partially support their development with the financial and expert resources of leading organizations within the frames of BOWI. Spesima, with its newest products and services with elements of artificial intelligence in the fields of mechatronics and robotics, has been invited on competitive basis to apply for BOWI financial and expert support.

After a series of consultations with the EEN team at ARC Consulting, Spesima developed its project proposal for the final phase of developments of its cloud-based platform of digital twins for modelling of robotized systems for the heavy industry. The project proposal was among the approved ones and in the end of 2020 the company signed a contract as beneficiary of financial and expert support. The cloud-based digital twins allow for more effective management of all automation processes realized by the Spesima’s robots – they lead to optimization of the manufacturing processes, reduction of maintenance costs, early prevention of accidents, safe work conditions.

The experimental activities of the project are expected to give results towards October 2021. The company will be able to start commercializing the results afterwards.

Dr. Eng. Ventzislav Slavkov, Founder and General Manager of SPESIMA Ltd:

„I would like to thank on behalf of Spesima’s entire team for the opportunity to work in cooperation with the EEN at ARC Consulting, for its professional service delivery and commitment. It has been an exclusive honour and pride to get the awards in the Innovative Enterprise of the Year National Contest, as well as the “Excellence in Innovation” brand as recognition for the efforts, the motivation and the significance of the innovations, which have always been the main driver of the company’s prosperity. The prizes and the funding received were and still are a strong motivation for the team and confirmation of the importance of our projects.”